Friday, August 15, 2014

Who Put Me In Charge of Herding The Cats?

I went to the AFM meeting on Wednesday and settled some of the details. It's great that the group is on board with the celebration.

We have a confirmed area for displaying race bikes! If you have one from any AFM era, bring it down (or over, or up) so others can drool over it. The bikes will be front and center in the paddock, in the area where tech inspection takes place on Saturday morning. After Tech closes down (by 10 am) we'll have that area for your machines. So far, I have two bikes confirmed and would sure like to see the 50th, the bikes were one of the highlights for everyone.

Official time for the Unofficial party is 10:00 am until Sundown. All that means is that I get to sleep in a bit later and the final showing of the AFM 50th retrospective will be at sundown. We'll follow that showing with a special presentation of a more-recent AFM short film that is just stunning--you won't want to miss it. 

This is a full AFM race weekend so the track gates will be open by 6:30 am and racers will be hanging around all night. Come early and stay late if you want the full experience. Track entry is $12. If you tell them you're there for the 60th, it's still $12. If you bring the kids or grandkids and they're young enough they get in for free.

There's a raffle being held with all proceeds to benefit the AFM. I'm not sure what prizes will be available for the raffle so you'll have to come and see for yourself.

The AFM will set up their Benevolent Fund booth to sell t-shirts, hats and other AFM gear. All proceeds go to the Benevolent Fund (duh) to help injured racers. There may be something special for the 60th Anniversary..we're working on it.

We're also working on a few other surprises so clear your schedule and come to the racetrack.

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