Thursday, August 7, 2014

Need Another Reason To Race To Sonoma?

The people checking this blog are most likely to be racers and have a different perspective on facing death. Different than the non-racing populace, that is, who generally seem to be afraid of the whole discussion. While not yet looking forward to it, I don't fear death but I do get annoyed that it's been the reason for the last three racer reunions I've attended.

August 30 is a celebration. The opposite of a memorial service, it's a chance to see old friends and realize that this club--your club--is thriving and still fostering champions. Every former AFM (and ACA and USMC*) member has been a part of keeping the AFM going for an amazing 60 years.

Dammit, all I'm trying to say is Time Flies. Come on over before you're dead. Call your buddy and tell him the same thing.

*United States Motorcycle Club

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